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Give users an accurate suggestive search bar so they can find the parts they need and you can increase conversion rate. Grow your business with PartsLogic from Web Shop Manager.

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Benefits of PartsLogic

  • Higher Conversion Rate

    33% of users use site search to find parts. Sites with PartsLogic see 30-50% higher conversion rates than those without.

  • Track How Users Search

    PartsLogic integrates with Google Analytics so you can track users who use site search and see their keywords, conversion rate and more.

  • Search that Makes Sense

    Fully suggestive search bar allows users to search multiple ways: with full or partial names, synonyms, numbers, typos and more.

  • Mobile-First Design

    More than 40% of eCommerce purchases are made on mobile devices. PartsLogic helps make it happen.

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PartsLogic Features


    Site search bar features auto-complete to make it easy for users to search anything.


    Users can search for products using the terms they're already familiar with. Truck bed cover or tonneau cover? They both return the same search results.


    Divide search results into pages to make it easier for users to consume.


    PartsLogic integrates with Google Analytics so you can see what users are searching, how many results they're getting, and track conversions.


    Create sort order rules to set the product priority within search results. Show top selling products, most relevant categories, user-favorites and more.


    Suggestive search that can recommend products based on previous searches, vehicle fitment, facets, brands and more.


    Personalize a user's search results based on year, make, and model.

  • SEO

    Optimized site search allows product filtering and avoids duplicate content.

See It In Action

There's no better way to show how something works than to see it in action. See how PartsLogic can improve your site's shopping experience and drive up revenue.

  • Easy, Fast Filtering
  • Suggestive Autocomplete for Category, Brand or Product

Site Search Built for Parts

Clients love us, and the data backs it up. PartsLogic increases sales, revenue, search usage, conversion rate and more.

Open-source Plugin

PartsLogic is an open-source plugin that works on platforms like BigCommerce and Web Shop Manager, with more coming soon. Use another platform? Connect with us to tell us what you need!

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Eliminate the Phone Call

Intuitive product search removes doubt from customers' minds

Measuring the Benefits of PartsLogic

Increasing Overall Conversion Rate

One of the most important metrics for any eCommerce website, the best way to increase conversions is to convert more users that are already on your site. Intuitive site search from PartsLogic creates a better experience for users by helping them find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s fast, too, providing quick results that save them time.

With PartsLogic Pages Per Session

7.38 pages

Conversion Rate (CVR)

2.55% CVR

Without PartsLogic Pages Per Session

1.64 pages

Conversion Rate (CVR)

0.21% CVR

Increasing Overall Revenue Through Site Search

The more engaged a user is on your site, the more likely it is that they’ll make a purchase. Just like a great product video or compelling content, site search is another way to increase user engagement.

Customers using PartsLogic have seen site search significantly increase, some by more than 1,000%, substantially impacting revenue.

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Increase conversion rate and grow your business with PartsLogic from Web Shop Manager.

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