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Delivering beautiful design and intelligent data, Web Shop Manager is the complete package for selling aftermarket parts and accessories online.

  • 20 Years Industry Experience
  • 1763 Brands Available
  • 4.98/5 Satisfaction Rating
  • 99.95 Up-time Guarantee

Frictionless Automotive eCommerce

Build your friction-free automotive eCommerce website with our high-conversion solutions. Web Shop Manager has become the trusted platform for online automotive eCommerce businesses dedicated to the aftermarket parts and accessory industry for the following reasons:

  • Flexible Aftermarket Product Data Options
  • Options for Expanding Retail Brick And Mortar Store Business
  • Custom Professional Branding
  • Brand Optimized Landing Pages
  • Advanced Product Search And Filtering
  • Year-Make-Model Lookup
  • Reader's Rides And Classifieds
  • Mobile Optimized Design
  • Advanced Aftermarket Features

T-Rex Grilles - Client Testimonial

"We just launched around 2015 with our first site, T-Rex Grilles. The site was such a success that we used Web Shop to create two more websites for and The team at Web Shop is incredibly intuititve, talented and we highly recommend them." - Matthew Bernal

Year-Make-Model Lookup

Make the most of your site traffic and drive conversions by getting the right products into the hands of your customers with advanced guided search and YMM lookup. Quickly find brand and parts that match your vehicle. With our year-make-model lookup, website visitors can quickly view a list of parts or accessories that fit their specific vehicles.


Hundreds of Automotive Clients

Your choice of over a million of products from 1763 of the industries top brands. Add a wide array of detailed product information to your automotive website. Provide complete product information with images, attributes, and pricing. Leverage our automotive industry relationships to get the best aftermarket product data available, or take it to the next level with custom data.

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Aftermarket Product Data Integration

Feature millions of products from hundreds of top brands. Add detailed product information to your automotive website with millions of SKUs. Provide complete product information with images, attributes, and pricing. Leverage our automotive industry relationships to get the best aftermarket product data available, or take it to the next level with custom data.

Data Solutions

Advanced Guided Search

Engage and convert visitors with lightning fast, smart keyword search, and filtering. Advance Guided Search (AGS) is one of our flagship technologies, offering lightning fast attribute filtering and smart keyword search with product suggestions. Harness this enterprise class technology to provide your customers with a fast, personalized shopping experience.

Advanced Guided Search

Inspire Customer Loyalty

Build an enthusiast community by allowing your customers to share their vehicles on your web store front. With Reader’s Rides, members can post images, content, and create invaluable user-generated content which drives traffic and promotes your brand.

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Professional Branding

Craft and promote the right brand for your target market and customer. A professional, personalized, and engaging design is critical to the success of your brand identity. The team at Web Shop Manager will work closely with you to build a customized automotive website design that harnesses your passion and the essence of your business. A clearly branded site is the first step toward a thriving online business.

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Mobile Optimized Design

Maximize mobile sales with responsive design – get three websites in one! Responsive Design is a must for sites looking to capture traffic and sales from visitors using tablets and smart phones. Google refers to responsive web design as the industry's best practice. Let us show you how to drive mobile sales on your website.

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Brand Optimized Landing Pages

Turn your brand data into locally optimized pages that improve positioning in search engine results. Brand and location focused landing pages provide a strategic approach to marketing and selling the products in your inventory. Custom optimized landing pages offer several benefits, all of which lead to increased traffic, conversion, and sales.

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Separate Yourself from the Competition

You know your customers best. Our design team will collaborate with you to deliver a unique brand experience tailored to your ideal customer profile. We’ve worked with manufacturers, sole eCommerce, Brick & Mortars and distributors and we’ve learned that no two solutions are the same. Still, it doesn’t have to be complicated - we partner with you to make sure you get the solution you need.

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Brick & Mortar Sales Hybrid

After the pandemic events of Covid-19, no business can ever neglect the importance of having a legitimate online presence again. Brick & Mortar will always be an important method for people to shop, but Automotive eCommerce has experienced an unexpected boom with some companies reporting all-time record sales! It's time to talk with an expert and get your site online.

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